My first Kacher, turned bad and not beautiful and spectacular. Therefore, I will not stop him. Here are a couple of pictures - and then continue.
Instantly recognizing and appreciating their errors, I created two constructions immediately. It has decent. One immediately bought ....
Качер Бровина Качер Бровина
Качер Бровина Качер Бровина
By bringing these two coils, I lost a long time to Katscher interest, as passed material for beginners ... but in vain!
A couple of years after successful experiments with large coils, specifically at them gain experience, I decided to return to the topic Kacerov. But naetot time, radically changed its position. I decided to stop using Soviet electronics (transistors and capacitors). And he began to collect Katscher on element base of decaying European capitalism and the growing Chinese military communism. Oddly enough, namely, transistors Chinese behaved well in the schematic misunderstood scientists Kacerov. The result was not long in coming. Applying some interesting decisions, I increased the streamer with two to five centimeters and made him a sort of angry, buzzing and whirring. And I set the whole thing in a cylindrical housing. Square I do not like. I think the one on the Chinese video Katscher transistor enough. They work the same way I do. And collect the same pattern, well-proven. By the way, for some reason, it Katscher, most actively sold ... Maybe it's because the small and safe, maybe because in comparison with the half-bridge transistor coils and large monsters, they are much cheaper ... I do not know. But perhaps both at the same time ;-)
generator Brovin
His last Kacher I have gathered FET IRFP640H. The design is ready and working perfectly

And this is a kind of sensation;-) Well, just, I have not seen anyone this Katscher! Streamer hits by 10 centimeters! Compiled Kacher at all the same IRFP460! And circuit - the same that I have published. Only the denominations of parts was little changed (see video). And put on top of the ball. Without him, I would say was a couple of centimeters lower streamer
The secondary winding is made of a plastic tube of silicone sealant. 550-570 turns of wire diameter of 0.34 mm. The primary winding - 16 squares. Number of turns - 4. The ball of Christmas decorations with glitter removed. Papered with aluminum tape. Through threaded ball-metal knitting needle. Like all ... It's very simple. Elementary! Almost ...